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Reputation Advocate Partners with Better Business Bureau 

In an effort to assist fellow members in the Better Business Bureau, Reputation Advocate has begun a dialogue with the regional chapter in Middle Tennessee. 

Online slander and unseen attacks on middle Tennessee businesses are on the rise, and Reputation Advocate is speaking with the business community daily as company owners struggle to get their heads around the rules of this new game.           >> READ MORE

Reputation Advocate Reviews Ripoff Report 

Whenever a potential client contacts our office, Reputation Advocate reviews a number of variables in order to determine how challenging the suppression efforts might be. As Reputation Advocate reviews the origins of the negative content, it is important to determine the date of the original complaint. Determining the freshness of the slander is key in defining a strategy. Additionally, Reputation Advocate reviews comments that may have been added to the original complaint.                         >> READ MORE

About Reputation Advocate

The reputation management experts at Reputation Advocate Inc. offer comprehensive online reputation recovery to people from every walk of life. Based in Franklin, Tennessee, Reputation Advocate has assembled an experienced and talented team of advocates who are committed to defending their clients against negative and misleading information on the Web.

P1010344Negative Postings Disappear

When a client retains Reputation Advocate, team members work hard to document and track complaints on the Internet. Successful reputation recovery is accomplished only after time-consuming and labor-intensive work to move damaging references off the initial pages of search results. 

Taking Time to Do the Job Right

Understanding the need for a carefully managed timeline, Reputation Advocate continues to strengthen positive pages in order to move negative postings deep within search returns. With focused effort invested into your online reputation repair campaign, Reputation Advocate then provides further results. Increasing these positive references online pushes down the negative search results and result in a “clean” first page of Google.

Tailoring Solutions for Each Individual

Reputation Advocate serves as a valuable reputation resource to individuals, professionals and businesses when a negative search return could result in a lost customer, job opportunity or scholarship. For urgent online reputation recovery needs, Reputation Advocate’s FastTrack is a discreet and confidential tool. For simple problems, clients retain Reputation Advocate for a very specific one-time project. If a situation is more complicated, it may be necessary to contract Reputation Advocate for a longer-term annual service agreement.

Reputation Advocate does not believe that a single indiscretion should destroy a person’s life or follow them around for many years. Many times, negative postings exist because people are simply mean spirited. Reputation Advocate itself has been the target of phony complaint site postings by competitors.

Reputation Advocate is recognized by the Better Business Bureau as a BBB Accredited Business. Learn more at All prospective clients are expected to truthfully and accurately represent their identities. Visit the website of Reputation Advocate for more detailed information on Reputation Advocate’s terms and conditions of service, at

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