Q & A: Where Do Online Complaints Come from?

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I’ve found slanderous postings about me online. What can I do?

First, know that you aren’t alone. According to the experts at, negative search results on individuals and companies are becoming more common. The first thing to do is contact a professional team like to help you remove the negative postings from the first pages of your Google search results.

Can I clean up my online reputation on my own?

The team at knows that trying to handle these postings on your own may only create more issues. When you turn your online issues over to, you are getting professionals trained in evaluating many different types of attack and slander sites.

Where are these negative posts coming from?

According to these negative postings generally come from several sources. Often, negative comments originate from disgruntled employees (current or former) trying to enact revenge. These comments are generally anonymous, according to, and can be among the most damaging, as they reveal insider information and scare off potential employees, franchise owners and customers. also identifies many negative postings that appear to be created by competitors. reports that just one competitor can post blogs, reviews and comments on a wide variety of sites, filling up Google search results with pages of negative links about you and your company. Calling the quality of goods or services into question can choke off new business with little ability to recover quickly.
Lastly, negative postings can come from isolated disgruntled customers. often finds multiple reviews replicated and posted by the same person, giving the impression that the problem is more widespread than it actually is. can make sure the average consumer sees honest, positive content about you in those first pages of Google search results.

Can’t I just contact the person?

While it may be tempting to try to make things right with an e-mail or phone call, has found such attempts are usually futile. According to the team at, your attempt at contact can often fuel the fire, creating even more negative posts. Particularly in the case of a blog post where someone is seeking attention by posting negative content about you, your e-mail simply provides fodder for more material. has seen situations where the disgruntled party uses content from e-mails against the person being maligned. The professionals at know how to navigate the murky waters of public opinion and can clean up your reputation without further incident.

What about embarrassing content on social networking sites?

In a world where so many people seem to enjoy living for all the world to see, professionals are finding damaging information posted by acquaintances, friends, even family. can help where previous attempts to have the content removed fail. While people mean well, they may not understand the professional reputation you are trying to uphold. can make sure the embarrassing content is influenced and hidden from sight. not only works with companies, but individuals as well. Contacting can make the difference in getting that important job or maybe even keeping the job you have.

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