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Enhancing Your Business Reputation With Compelling Testimonials

The selling power of testimonials is widely acknowledged to be a valuable tool in the arsenal of business marketing. Most consumers agree that they are more likely to purchase products or services that have been referred to them by individuals whom they know and respect. The team at Reputation Advocate offers some advice on garnering testimonials that will help you improve your sales.

Credible testimonials pave the way for a reputable business to stand out in a crowded marketplace while providing a level of reassurance to potential customers. Knowing that a customer has taken time to submit feedback reflects positively about the level of satisfaction that was experienced. This serves to provide a competitive advantage for your product or service.

Feedback from past customers is perhaps the most effective type of testimonial. Nothing beats a testimonial from a satisfied customer. Recognized experts are also a valuable source of testimonials. For instance, if a well-known dermatologist submits a testimonial for a beauty soap, the credibility of the doctor’s feedback would certainly boost sales. And in a world run by mass media, celebrities have become powerful sources of testimonials. Most of us have viewed an infomercial hosted by a celebrity, many of whom waive their appearance fee for the privilege of free products in the future or past.

The best kind of testimonial is the one that can be distilled down into a few catchy words. “I lost 30 pounds in three weeks!” is one example. Credible testimonials should ideally identify the person, including their name, location and age. If the client is willing, a photograph or video of their experience adds more punch.

So how does a business owner begin to archive testimonials? Most obviously, the product or service must possess outstanding qualities. Second and perhaps less apparent, is to simply ask for a testimonial. Begin to communicate to your customers that their feedback is valued, and if they are truly satisfied with the product/service, they will more than likely to happy to participate.

Interview your customers. Ask them specifically what they like about your product/service and why they chose your product. They may be willing to provide a written testimonial, or you may offer suggestions that they will approve before the feedback is published. A video testimonial is strong, but if they are camera-shy this may not be an option. Next, choose the very best testimonials. They will maximize the benefits for your business and products. 

Finally, put the word out! Then let your customers’ own words be the tool to tell the world why they should choose your business over the competition.

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